Cellular Accessory

Cellular Accessory

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You may purchase add on accessories with your service if you do not already have service.


The Cellular Accessory provides reliable, emergency communication to the central station for customers without access to conventional telephone systems.  The cellular accessory works with the Caretaker Sentry system and can be connected to the base station on day one or at any time down the road when the landline goes away.

Installation is truly plug and play – which means the transition to cellular couldn’t be easier!

  • Dials Central Station via Sprint & Sprint partner 3G network
  • Plug and Play setup
  • Backup Battery in case of loss of power (Rechargable NiMh 24 hour)
  • Remotely programmable
  • Covergage:  Throughout the United States
  • Cellular Network:  Sprint and Sprint Partner CDMA 3G Network
  • Dimensions:  H: 7.2" W: 2.5" D:1.3"

Cellular Accessory
Cellular Accessory