Your Personal Emergency Medical Alert System

If you're living on your own, you've probably wondered what you'd do if you had a medical emergency and there was no one around to help. You've probably thought about the same things if you have an older parent who's living independently. These situations are very common, since approximately one in seven American is over the age of 65. Thankfully, there are ways to make sure you or your loved ones are safe. One of the simplest ways is to install a personal emergency medical alert system.

These systems are very easy to use. A base station is configured to work on your home's existing wireless network. The station is linked to one or more medical alert pendants that can be worn on the wrist, around the neck, or clipped to a belt. 

A personal emergency medical alert system helps guarantee that help will always be there--even if you're alone. The systems we sell at Comporium Medical Alert are connected to a 24/7 monitoring station that's staffed with real people who are trained to handle any situation. They'll respond to you quickly whenever you press the button on your medical alert pendant.

Call (803) 327-7233 now to speak with a live representative about the systems and services we offer. Our primary goal is to keep you safe and help you live worry free.