Where Does a Medical Alert Pendant Work?

Personal emergency medical alert systems are a wonderful way to provide peace of mind for your family. These systems let you know that your loved ones will always be able to get help quickly at any time. Systems like those sold by Comporium Medical Alert use a medical alert pendant for communication between trained operators and the person in need.

A common question we receive involves the location of the pendants in the home. Where will your medical alert pendant work and where will it not?

First of all, the pendant works only in your home and on your personal wireless network. It does not work when you run errands or travel to other places. There are also no GPS services connected with the pendants.

Within your home, the pendant can be used to reach our emergency response operators from anywhere in or around your house. The two way pendant will cover up to a 5000 square foot home, plus the surrounding property (up to a 600 foot line of sight).

You can also communicate with our operators or your caretaker using the system’s base station. However, you must be at the base station in order to make this contact.

Once you’ve pressed one of the buttons on your medical alert pendant, you’ll get a response almost immediately. Within approximately 45 to 60 seconds, you’ll be connected. This is about the same length of time that it takes to place a phone call. The benefit of the pendant is that it’s always with you as you move around your home. It also saves you from having to remember important phone numbers.

Upon connection, you can have the confidence of knowing that you’re speaking with local people who are trained and waiting to help you. Even if you’re unable to communicate with us, we’ll make sure help is dispatched immediately. It’s the best 24/7 protection you can have.